Services and Support

What services are available?

We can liaison with the criminal justice system and provide case status updates; we can accompany victims to court hearings and other criminal proceedings (in most areas); we can make referrals to other appropriate community groups or resources; we can refer victims to our counselor (see below); we can offer venues for victims to speak out about their victimization; we can provide a caring person, just to listen…….All these are available at no charge

Who qualifies for services?

Surviving victims of DUI crashes or suspected DUI crashes; surviving family members of fatal victims of DUI crashes; young people involved with underage drinking and their families

How do I apply for services?

If you are a victim or a friend of a victim and you want more information or wish to request services, please call (775) 348-4664 or email us at and you will be connected with an advocate in your area, if possible, or someone to assist by phone…..It’s never too soon to get the support you may need

Is there a time limit for services?

We will assist victims immediately following the crash/incident and for months and years following; we are available to help at special times such as birthdays and anniversaries or stressful times such as parole hearings, Pardons Board hearings, etc.; initial contact with us can be at any time when support is needed…..but some services (legal hearings, applying to Victims of Crime Compensation Fund, etc) are time sensitive and must be addressed timely

Who provides the services?

We have trained Victim Advocates, qualified volunteers and victims (who can provide very valuable Victim-to-Victim support)

Is emergency financial help available?

We have limited funds to assist victims financially…requests are reviewed case-by-case by the Task Force Chairman

Are there additional organizations in the area that help support victims of DUI crashes?

Alliance for Victims' RightsAlliance for Victims’ Rights, one of our partners, is a non-profit based organization in Reno, NV established to bridge the gap between victims of crime, local resources, and public awareness. Please visit their website for information about AVR’s upcoming meetings and events.

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